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Only $8.00 per injection
Not covered by insurance

NO more dreadful trips to the doctor for shots.
The FDA approved PharmaJet needle-free system
Delivers liquid medications at high speed, creating a
"liquid jet" that penetrates the skin and delivers the
vaccine through the skin in less than 1/3 of a second.

It maybe used for children and adults!
Now, you and your family can receive your vaccines and flu shots
With out any tears!

                                             Here are some of the vacines that can be administered:
                                                                            [] HEPATTIS B (kids only)
                                                                            [] PNEMOCOCCUS
                                                                            [] MMR
                                                                            [] DPT
                                                                            [] HPV
                                                                            [] TETANUS
                                                                            [] CHICKEN POX
                                                                            [] MENNINGITIS
                                                                            [] POLIO